The University of Wisconsin - Stout offers professional development courses that can lead to a graduate certificate in E-learning and Online Teaching.  I earned the graduate certificate below after successful completion of five courses focused on online education.  These courses cover many aspects of online education including creating communities, assessment, and instructional design.

Quality Matters is an organization focused on improving online courses.  They offer professional development courses for online instructors, as well as certification of online courses that assures the course meets the design standards of the Quality Matters Rubric.  The APPQMR certificate that I earned below is given upon successful completion of a two week online course designed to teach instructors about the rubric and how it can be used to improve classes.

The Web Accessibility MOOC for Online Educators is a free course to help instructors learn more about accessibility issues students may face, an how to design aspects of a course that can be easily navigated by screen readers.  Some items the course focused on were making images accessible, creating videos with proper closed captioning, making accessible HTML pages, and making accessible Word and PDF documents.  The certificate of Highest Honors is given to individuals that successfully complete all the requirements in the five week course.

Lynda.com is a website with videos giving detailed instructions on how to do things, such as navigate Blackboard.  I earned the following certificate for Blackboard training following six hours and twenty minutes of videos dedicated to all aspects of Blackboard.  Some topics included managing the grade center, creating assignments and discussions, and creating and managing group projects.