Alignment - Objectives and Activities

Circles aligned and circles out of alignment
"Alignment (PSF)" by Yzmo - Alignment (PSF).png. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.
Below is an outline of the redesigned course.  It shows what will be covered in each module, including the objectives, and the activities and assessments that align with each objective.  The activities are classified as absorb, do, or connect.

  • Absorb activities are ways material will be presented to the students.  I use a lot of reading and videos.  The reading is based on the textbook, but I supplement it with news articles about research related to the topic, and websites that the students can explore.  The videos are short and come from several different sources to help solidify the reading.  
  • Do activities ask the students to actively engage with the material.  This is a lab class, so labs are a major do activity.  I also ask the students to research different topics to contribute to discussions.  
  • Finally, connect activities help the students relate what they already know about a topic to what we are learning.  This may be relating the material to a previous module or relating the material to something that directly applies to the students' lives.